Anyone wanting to help the homeless faces the same dilemma: You can't save the world by yourself.
Where do you start? Where do you end? Do you start at all? There are as many answers to these questions
as there are good-willed people, but most fall roughly into 4 approaches:

Some people want to save the whole world.
They don't care if reason tells them that they won't succeed: They aim to be Jesus, Mao, or Marx.
Their approach is one of "DO", direct action, and "ALL",
they want to help everyone in need.

Some people want to help a few people they know.
They feel that it is better to do something than nothing, and believe that charity begins at home. Their approach is one of "DO", help people in need, and "FEW",
start with people close to them, here and now.

Some people want to raise everyone’s awareness.
They believe that solving the whole problem can only be achieved if everyone, not just a few, is aware of it.
Their approach is one of "TELL / ALL", publicize
the problem to everyone - as opposed to working tangibly on its solution.

Some people want to raise awareness of those close to them. They believe that solving the problem can only be achieved if people are aware of it, and feel that it's better to start by telling people close to them about problems close to them - close enough to touch them personally. Their approach is one of "TELL / FEW", publicize a local problem to a local audience.

We are not making judgments here - all of these approaches can be praised or condemned, just like anyone helping the homeless can be seen as a saint helping his fellow man, or as a selfish bastard trying to ease
his conscience (and, anyway, does the motivation of the do-gooder count more than the results he achieves?
We will leave this question to philosophers...). We merely propose this framework to help describe how
originated, and where we are trying to take it.

HOME SWEET HOME began as a DO / FEW project: We started from what we felt was a valuable design idea. While developing it, it became obvious that the cardboard houses and photographs themselves had great potential as media. They were calling for a communication campaign, so we started what message would best serve their purpose, to help the homeless in a larger sense. HOME SWEET HOME is thus becoming a DO / FEW + TELL / ALL project. We hope that this campaign will come to life, to move HOME SWEET HOME one step closer to a DO / ALL project...