Milan Janić was born in Kraljevo (Serbia) in 1980. After graduating with honors from Belgrade School for Design, he studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts of Belgrade University where he obtained his Diploma of Graphic Arts and Visual Communication (2006), and a post-graduate degree in environmental graphics (2010). Shortly after this he was invited to Paris to take a position of Art Director. Since graduating he has exhibited his work in various locations around the world, including the Mexican poster biennial, Lahiti biennial, Magdalena, Chamount, etc. His works were published in PRINT Europeen review. 
Currently, he is the creative director at Lamtar Planning and Communication, Paris.

Salvo Galano was born in Milan in 1968. He started taking photographs at the age of fourteen while he was attending the Santa Caterina da Siena College in Milan where he later obtained a degree in graphic and advertising techniques. In 1987 he began his studies at the Riccardo Bauer Institute in Milan obtaining a master degree in photography two years later. Between 1989-90 he studied in England and Scotland, where he worked as a correspondent for the Japanese magazine “London Diary.”
Over the next two years, before he started to work as a photo reporter for several Italian and international magazines, he collaborated with the portrait photographer Enzo Nocera and taught photography and printing techniques at the S. Caterina da Siena College in Milan. In 1992 beside working for several magazine, he was commissioned by the culture and information department of the photographic archives of the Lombardy region to do a series of portraits of leading Italian figures in the world of art, culture and business, which was a part of an exhibition aimed at promoting the image of Milan’s region internationally. Between 1995 and 2001 Salvo Galano lived in New York and worked as the US and South American correspondent for major Italian magazines. 
In the meantime his passion for portraits took him to travel to collect stories and emotions imprinted on the faces of the people he met in South America, in New York and among the tribes of the Amazon’s Rain Forest and Chiapas.
His work was exhibited in Italy, Holland and USA and published in several magazines around the world.
In 1998 the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, supporting the achievement of the book “Sidewalk Stories”, awarded him a fellowship in photography. 
He is currently living and working in Milan. 


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